22 Nov

5 Things to Consider When Looking for an Insurance Agency

Insurance is something people wish they did not need, but when bad and unfortunate situations arise where they require insurance, they are very grateful for it. Whether it is auto insurance for a vehicle, home insurance to protect a home, flood insurance to cover property damage during a flood, life insurance for a person and their family’s peace of mind, or commercial insurance for businesses, today insurance is a necessity. Picking the right insurance and the right insurance agency is very important. Here are five things to think about before purchasing any kind of insurance.

Consider what type of insurance is needed

There is a difference between personal insurance, which is used for individuals and families, and business insurance, which is used for insuring businesses. Within personal insurance there are subsets, like homeowner or tenant insurance, vehicle insurance, life insurance, and flood insurance. Business insurance is important for people who own or run their own businesses. Even when people work from home and have personal home insurance, if the assets of their businesses are stolen or destroyed in a disaster (such as a fire), personal insurance might not cover the loss of the business property. Talking to a professional insurance agency will help people to choose the best insurance for their personal and professional needs.

Consider flood insurance

Often in a standard home insurance policy, damage to property is not covered if the damage to the property or assets was due to a flood. Whether people live close to bodies of water that can overflow (like a river or stream), or if it is a matter of flash flooding due to weather patterns, floods can be devastating and costly for people and their businesses. In 2013 flooding in the state of Colorado caused of 18,000 homes and businesses to be damaged or destroyed. In order to protect themselves from the unexpected costs of potential flooding, a reputable insurance agency will recommend purchasing a flood insurance policy.

Consider multiple insurance policies

When people look to purchase insurance for multiple reasons, such as buying homeowner insurance to cover a home and flood insurance to cover flood damage, often time and money can be saved. Let’s look at Bob, a typical Coloradan. He has home insurance with one company, auto insurance at another company, and life insurance at a third company. When filling out insurance forms or making a claim, Bob has to make sure he isn’t filling out the wrong form for the agency. It gets to be confusing by having different insurance policies at different agencies. By purchasing multiple insurance policies at one insurance agency, people can save themselves time, money and stress.

Consider an audit

What exactly an insurance policy will cover and how much that will cost will vary depending on what is being insured and who is insuring it. Getting an insurance audit can help people save money on their personal and business insurance needs. For example, with automobile insurance, a vehicle equipped with anti-theft alarms and other devices could result in a lower insurance rate. Whether it is for home, auto, or business people should speak to their insurance agency about some of the ways they may be able to reduce their insurance rate.

Consider life insurance

While most insurance affects people directly (and their immediate family) life insurance is something that people really hope they do not have to use. Best life insurance can help to cover the cost of a funeral in the event of someone’s death. Funerals can cost thousands of dollars (even at the most basic level) leaving families to pay a heavy burden in case of an unexpected death. Life insurance allows people to allocate money for their immediate family to use after their death. Depending on the policy, life insurance could also be used as income in case of an accident or another unseen layoff from employment.

No matter whether you are looking for business insurance or personal insurance such as homeowner, flood, auto, or life insurance, make sure to purchase your insurance from a reputable insurance agency. It can save you time, money, and stress in the long run.

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