10 Jun

The Differences Between Using an Insurance Agency as Opposed to a Direct Carrier

One thing you can’t do without is insurance, but the choices can be overwhelming. Where should you go? What kind of coverage do you need? When is enough, enough; is there anyone who can help? Well, insurance companies can, of course, but what kind of insurance company should you choose? Is it better to buy a policy through an insurance agency or a direct carrier? What in fact, are the differences between using an insurance agency as opposed to direct carriers?

What’s the difference?

First of all, let’s look at what those things are. An insurance agency looks at many different insurance companies to broker the best policy. They are not directly affiliated with, or employed by a specific insurance company, they instead sell the products of those companies. That is, they are the middle-man, but the agencies can choose the insurance companies they want to deal with, and the products from them that they wish to sell. A direct carrier, on the other hand is the insurance company itself. They can only offer the best of their own company.

To break it down

The direct carrier is the one who issues the policy. They are also the one who carries all the financial risk, and does the work of determining the costs and payouts of the policy, and pay the claims. The insurance agency is independent; they help their customers get the best deal, but they do not sell insurance and they don’t take on any risk. This means they don’t have any bias toward the carriers.

So why would you choose an insurance agency over a direct carrier, when the direct carrier is the one selling the actual product? It’s simple. You will be able to choose from a variety of policies, work with one broker, and get the help and the service you need.

A world of choice

An insurance agency can offer a variety of options available from many different companies. They can shop around to find the best deal, the best coverage, and the best price for you. Not the best price that the carrier has, or the deal they want to push, but the best price for you and your circumstances.

One point of contact

The insurance agent can not only find the best deal, but the great thing is that the insurance agent can be the last person you ever need to deal with to help you with your insurance. They will be the middle-man, talking between you and the insurance carrier so that you don’t have to. And that is the best because the agent has the training and the years of experience in this area that you don’t have. This way is just easier, and a lot more convenient.

A relationship that works

Another good reason to work with an agent is that you can build a good relationship with that agent. They will be able to help you with all your insurance needs, not just one aspect. You can see your agent for help with personal insurance, or business insurance. They can help with homeowners insurance, life insurance in San Antonio, car insurance or disaster insurance.

The unexplainable is explained

Finally, with those years of experience, the insurance agent can help you make sense of it all. There are a lot of choices, and a lot of policies, and a lot of prices. How can you be sure which is the best one? It’s a lot easier with someone to help. Your insurance broker can help to break down the choices and show you how to recognize and compare the good and the bad. The broker will be able to provide advice that the carrier won’t give you.

So, if you are lost in the world of insurance choices, get an insurance agent to help you. They can give advice, help you to better understand how to meet your needs, and then source out the best policies from a number of different firms and options to find the one that you need. Better still, you can get all your policies from the same place, so it’s simpler, very reassuring and much more convenient to buy insurance from an insurance agent as opposed to a direct carrier.

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