13 Dec

Hire the Best Insurance Broker with These Tips

Hiring an insurance broker to negotiate your policies can definitely work in your favor. If you find the right broker, it can save you time, money, and a lot of frustration. To make sure that you have the most positive experience possible with your agent, here are some things you should look for and expect from your insurance broker when you are in the process of hiring them. Keep these in mind when searching, and you will find a knowledgeable, competent and effective insurance broker to take care of all of your needs.

Know What You Need Covered by Insurance

Before you go to an insurance broker you need to make sure that you have a clear idea of what needs insurance coverage in your life. Your home and vehicle are major items that will need coverage; even if you don’t own your home and renting, you can protect yourself with renter’s insurance. You may also want to consider insurance for your RV, boat, snowmobiles, or ATV’s if you own them. Your insurance broker may also be able to find options for health and life insurance in San Antonio. This is extremely important as well to protect you and your family in case of medical emergencies or an accident. Make sure that the insurance broker you select is able to negotiate a policy for all of the things you need insured.


Ensure That Your Insurance Broker is Accredited

Before you even consider doing business with an insurance broker, for your own protection, you need to make sure that they are fully accredited and licensed. The State of Colorado has a licensing body that lists all of the brokers and agents that have met the minimum requirements for education in the field of insurance and that they will be able to provide knowledgeable service to their clients. Make sure that the insurance broker you are considering is on this list before you give them any money or sign any policy with them.

Is Your Insurance Broker Knowledgeable?

One factor that really differentiates a professional from an average person at their job is their knowledge base. When you meet with your insurance broker, you should have a list of questions prepared. If your broker seems confident and they are able to answer all of your questions with detailed information, or they know where to look if they don’t know it off the top of their head, you should hire them. It shows that their knowledge of the industry is thorough enough to be of great use to you as a client.

Ask If Your Insurance Broker Has Connections

Remember that insurance brokers do not work for a particular insurance company; but any insurance broker that you are looking to hire should have connections with a network of insurance companies. If your insurance broker has business relationships with numerous companies, this allows them to get you the best price on the policies that you need. It’s almost like comparison shopping except that you don’t have to do it because your broker is doing that for you. You simply tell your broker what kind of policy you need, and they find you the best price for those terms from their network.

Can Your Insurance Broker Negotiate?

Although your insurance broker will be making a commission as their payment for finding you an appropriate policy, you also need to make sure that they are able and willing to negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. Your broker does a lot of business with multiple insurance companies and should be able to leverage their business relationship and the rapport they have built into the best possible deal for their clients. If they can’t, they are only thinking about their own commission rate and this is not someone that you want working for you if they don’t have your best interests at heart.

Is Your Insurance Broker Professional

When you first met with your insurance broker, if you got the impression that they are dedicated, that they take their job seriously, and treat their clients with respect, you have a professional! Look for this as the number one sign that they will work hard to give you the best service possible.

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